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How to Write Term Paper

The writing of a Term Paper is not as complex as you may assume. It is in fact a series of uncomplicated tasks which requires you to work in an organized and perseverant manner. This paper will serve as a model to help you research and write your own term paper. By following the steps outlined in this model, you should be able to write an effective paper.

Firstly you should decide on the topic on which you would like to research and then choose a theme which corresponds to the selected topic. Finding suitable resources for your Term paper will also be the main concern. You must include at least three kinds of resources to base your research on - a historical text which may be a chapter from your history text; an article from a magazine periodical and an article from a computer generated source.

Once you have identified your resources, you need to create notes so that the information becomes readily available to you without having to re-scan the whole text again when you write. Simply type up the information you would normally place on a note card into a word processor file. In this way, you may simply cut and paste the information directly into the text of your paper when you need it. The introduction of your Term paper should clearly identify and define your topic. The introduction should also intrigue and interest your reader.

The body of your paper will make your arguments and points. This should be the bulk of your paper. Here you will make use of most of your sources. Here you will deal with the historical event. Carefully explain the historical occurrence. Explain what factors were involved and what happened.

Your paper will also need documentation or footnoting that notifies the reader about the resources of the data and facts stated in the paper. Currently, the most popular form of documentation is called parenthetical. Parenthetical documentation contains nearly the same information; however, there are some adjustments. Since parenthetical documentation is the most common today your paper will require this technique of documentation.

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